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Kamen Rider Kabuto revolves around the story of a man named Souji Tendou. He has trained seven years while waiting for the Kabuto Zecter so that he may properly take up the name of Kamen Rider Kabuto. Making many enemies while at the same time meeting other Riders with mysterious origins of how they got there, Tendou attempts to accomplish his goal at all costs: destroying all Worms otherwise threaten humanity. He meets Arata Kagami, who later becomes Kamen Rider Gatack, the two work together to save humanity from the alien Worms that arrived from a meteorite seven years ago.


1. Kamen Rider Kabuto

2. Kamen Rider TheBee

3. Kamen rider Drake

4. Kamen Rider Sasword

5. Kamen Rider Gatack

6. Kamen Rider Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper

7. Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto

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